Battery Recycling

Since launching in 2007 Mercury Recycling has seen extensive growth in Battery Recycling Services.

Mercury offer a hassle free battery disposal service using a variety of containers to suit a client's requirements, ADR Certified drivers and differing size of vehicles for handling large quantities or where access is restricted.

Mercury Recycling are an Approved Battery Treatment Operator (ABTO) and receive batteries at our Trafford Park facility. The first stage of treatment is sortation and using specially trained staff each of the 7 different battery chemistries are identified and segregated. The automated sorting line is fed by hopper and recently the addition of a drum handler has enabled us to deal with client batteries outside of the normal range of Mercury Recycling containers (subject to acceptance).

Each chemistry is designated for export to a wide array of processors on the continent since at the time of writing no battery processing plants currently exist in the UK. Mercury Recycling are Approved Battery Exporters (ABE) and regularly consign hazardous and non hazardous shipments primarily to Germany and France and other specialist processors in Europe if and when required.

Using Mercury Recycling to collect and recycle your batteries will meet your requirements under the ISO9001 and 14001 Standards.

For a trouble free battery recycling solution or simply to compare against your existing charges give Mercury a call on 0161 888 1562.

We look forward to hearing from you..