Batterysafe Service

BatterySafe BS20 - Small Battery Types

An All Inclusive Battery Recycling Service

Available throughout the UK, the BatterySafe Delivery and Collection Service is the Ideal fixed price all-inclusive recycling service for smaller types of batteries. We deliver a specially designed container for your spent Batteries and when full, you simply call us to collect. It could not be easier. The price includes rental of our purpose designed BS20 battery storage container, delivery, collection, recycling and full Hazardous Waste Consignment Documentation.

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For all Smaller sized Dry Cell, Alkaline & NiCad Batteries
Ranging in size from AAA, AA, C & D up to a 50Kg Maximum Capacity

BatterySafe BS750 - Large Battery Types

The Bulk Container For Larger Battery Quantities And Sizes

Available throughout the UK, the BatterySafe BS750, is ideal for the safe bulk storage of larger types of batteries prior to subsequent collection and recycling. The specially designed container can hold on average 750kg of batteries, is marked with highly visible safety labelling and the requisite European Waste Catalogue code number, which, is now mandatory.

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For all Larger sized Batteries such as Lead Acid, UPS, Power Pack & Back-Up Batteries And Larger Quantities Of Smaller Sized Batteries As Above
Up to a 750Kg Maximum Capacity