How to send us tubes

Wherever possible spent lamps should be stored and/or transported to us in a Mercury Recycling approved Lampsafe or Bulk storage container. These come in a range of sizes tailored to suit every client's individual requirements.
We do realise however that certain clients have discharge lamps and fluorescent tubes to dispose of but, for a variety of reasons, they do not wish to have a container, or are prepared to deliver directly to our plant (24 Hours notice required via our Booking in Procedure).

In these circumstances we ask that when placing an order with us you advise how the lamps are currently being stored eg. Boxed, palletised, loose, taped together (not recommended) etc. We will also ask for quantities and types where applicable eg. Tubes, Bulbs etc. This assists us in determining the most suitable container or vehicle we need to use to enable the safe transportation back to our recycling facility.

It is imperative that all lamps and tubes are free of cardboard, with particular reference to the cardboard sleeves which are common to fluorescent tubes. Most manufacturers use an outer box which will hold 25 tubes. We are happy to accept lamps in these boxes providing the box is sealed at the ends and the tubes are unsleeved.

Poor stacking of lamps in an LS300 container.






Lamps stacked neatly in an LS300 container.