Mercury Bearing Waste

Mercury Recycling Ltd specialise in the decontamination of mercury bearing equipment, decontamination consultancy of land and premises and are a leading player in the supply and recycling of elemental mercury.
We provide mercury at levels of purity from 3N (99.98%) to 5N (99.999%). A number of sectors are currently using our mercury in their products and applications including the lighting industry (for lamps and tubes) and university laboratories.

One of the most comprehensive services provided by Mercury Recycling Ltd is our Flasksafe Service whereby we deliver elemental mercury or collect contaminated mercury from clients in UN approved containers.

The Landfill Directive introduced in July 2004 makes it almost impossible to legally dump mercury or mercury contaminated products in the UK, resulting in a massive growth in our mercury recycling and land / premises decontamination consultancy services.

The most popular items currently being recycled are:

Tilt Switches
Arc Rectifiers
Mercury Containing Batteries
Dental Amalgam

Mercury Recycling Ltd completes all hazardous waste transfer documentation on behalf of clients and a full audit trail for all materials collected and recycled is available to clients which will satisfy your requirements under ISO9000 and ISO14000.

For more information call the Mercury Hotline on 0161 877 0977