Sodium Lamp Recycling

Son and Sox Lamp Recycling

The UK depends on SON and SOX sodium discharge lamps for the bulk of its street and highway lighting. In addition this form of lighting is used in many other external and internal applications such as site illumination and high bay warehouse and factory lighting. This is because these lamps offer the most cost effective method of satisfactorily illuminating such areas.

These lamps contain high levels of sodium and mercury, both of which are classified as 'Hazardous'. They also present the risk of explosion, fire and pollution through the leaching of mercury and as a consequence they fall under a Hazardous Waste classification in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a Special Waste classification in Scotland.

Mercury Recycling operate the latest and most efficient plant for recycling street and highway lighting including SON and SOX discharge lamps as well as other HID lamps such as Metal Halide and MBFU. Our plant has been purposely designed and built for the job by British Designers, Engineers and Manufacturers.

Our 'state of the art plant' can process over 5000 discharge lamps per hour ensuring high levels of material separation and recycling including: sodium, mercury, ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and glass cullet. In addition our fully automated plant offers extremely high levels of environmental and operational protection.

Once separated Mercury have avenues for all recovered materials through long established and reliable markets.